Career College Colton

Career College Colton

The Coast Career’s Institute’s career college in Colton is known throughout the country as one of the premier destinations for people interested in superior quality vocational training. From training programs for security guards to rigorous coursework in diagnostic medical sonography, solar panel installation, and much more, we offer a diverse curriculum for jobs in a wide variety of industries. With a career college in Colton as well as Los Angeles, getting a first-class education has never been easier.

The Coast Career Institute was founded in 1968 as a company that supplied and repaired sewing machines. In 1991, we shifted our emphasis to training sewing machine operators and repair technicians, and added floral/bridal programs. Since that time, we have steadily added training programs, for everything from optical dispensing technicians to cake making specialists and more. And now that we have a career college in Colton, we are able to extend our advanced educational opportunities to even more prospective students. To learn more about our popular programs, contact us directly with your questions.

If you are looking for critically acclaimed career college in Colton, look no further than the Coast Career Institute. Here at the Coast Career Institute, we have spent decades serving the community in the best way that we know how: providing men and women of all ages with the educational foundation they need to pursue a personally and financially rewarding career path. Our graduates have gone on to successful occupations in a wide variety of job markets, from private security to medical assistance, floral boutiques, and much, much more.

The curriculum offered here at the Coast Career Institute is rigorous and provides students with the academic knowledge, hands-on experience, and skill sets necessary to succeed in their chosen field. Indeed, you will be hard-pressed to find a career college in Colton that matches our diverse selection of courses. We also offer intensive job placement assistance, which includes resume writing workshops, interview prep, and career advice. That kind of additional help is one of the many distinct features here at the Coast Career Institute that sets us apart from the other vocational programs in the area.

To learn more about our career college in Colton, we encourage you to contact our admissions staff directly with your questions and concerns. We do offer financial assistance, and we would be happy to discuss various tuition options with you.